Mission & Vision

Health care hub to create a global talent pool

Mission & Vision

To make health care hub to create a global talent pool of medical professionals


  • To embrace the healing mission and to show a firm solidarity with those deprived of health care and the marginalized so as to bring about an integrated humanity through health services.
  • To work towards fullness of life, so that every person is assured of basic health and may enjoy respect, dignity and equality as human beings.
  • To ensure the availability of promotive, preventive, and curative health care at affordable cost and to advocate indigenous medicine.
  • To reach out more efficiently to the marginalized.


Mission is to deliver compassionate, high quality, affordable health services, directly accessible to the poor and needy, fosteringintersectoral approach in the community, to improve the quality of life, affirm the dignity of the individual and the sacredness of life.


Assurances of total health services, that are preventive, promotive and curative with high professional’s skills and dedicated apostolic enthusiasm and care is the overall objective of our Health Institutions. The focus is on the needy, especially on those who are socially and economically handicapped